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PapersMart.net Review – How Professional Is It?

by on January 24, 2017

 Being a working international student is tough. You’re constantly showered with deadlines, obligations and other things that require undivided attention. To not fail a certain class and get my assignment done, I decided to go the creative route and use a professional writing service to do my essay for me. Academic help is popular among college students, and as I discovered, for a good reason.

“Leadership – Innate Skill or Trained Ability?” was the topic of my argumentative essay.

This review intends to provide details on this paid service and showcase my experience with it.
PapersMart Reviews


There are four leading values this online service seemingly tries to pursue.

  • Plagiarism-free writing. Every paper is said to be original and authentic. Personal findings and research are at the forefront.
  • Any writer “PapersMart” works with is said to have a Master’s (or higher) degree.
  • Prompt delivery. Once the order is placed, work immediately gets started on your assignment. Complete paper will be delivered before the due date. That’s done to give writers and clients enough time for revisions and preparation work.
  • Customer Support.

The company created a decent impression at first. A legit service is what I was exactly looking for.


Prices begin with $12 for the most basic High School Paper with a two-week deadline.

The value of papers scales depending on the academic level of the paper.

There are four of them altogether – High School, College (first and second years), College (third and fourth years), Masters and Doctoral (Ph.D.)
Deadlines have an excellent flexibility range to them.

What came as no surprise, is that price scale in logical increments. The paper is cheap if you have a longer deadline. On the flip side, ordering an urgent assignment will cost you a pretty penny.

PapersMart Reliable

Either way, the prices are said to be driven by industry average, and after examining a few other writing services, the sentiment seems to be spot on.

Affordable, all in all.The service offers and writes a variety of academic papers. Usual essays, research papers, thesis, term papers, speeches, reports, regular homework, reviews, and whatnot. They have everything covered.

There is no field to input a promo code, they seem to be unsupported on a whole. Returning customers also get offered a lifetime discount.


A pleasant addition to any site of this kind is the inclusion of sample reading. There were quite a few example essays included dedicated to numerous varieties (Research essays, argumentative essays, reviews, analytical essays, etc.)

The quality was spotty, to say the least. But a few were quite well written with properly applied research to them.

PapersMart Legit

Resulting Paper

This a review, after all, so back to the most important aspect.
So, was my essay good? Yes and no.

Initially, it was pretty mediocre. It laid down an unconvincing groundwork, which by itself is an inconceivable trait for an argumentative essay to have. I conveyed my thoughts to support, and I received a couple of revisions. That cost me a lot of time and was a great cause of distress. Sad to say, but the service doesn’t seem reliable enough.

Summing up the review of PapersMart.net we would recommend you to try a trustful one